Washing Machine

Every 8-10 washes it is important to clean your washing machine. I was advised to run my machine with a strong detergent powder on the hottest setting for a full length program, so as not to waste water or electricity I include my dish cloth and stained tea towels (or old towels used for dirty work) in this wash and they come out sparkling – so does the inside of my machine.

I have also read that you can use a cupful of white wine vinegar in each wash (with or without fabric softener) and this will not only clean your washing machine but disinfect it as well – so good to do this if you’ve had sickness in the house.


Few tips to get best results from your cleaning lady

Tidy up before your cleaner arrives

If you could try to put your stuff away before our cleaner comes, then she will be able to concentrate on cleaning your house rather that tidying up toys, folding clothes and sorting newspapers. You may be amazed how much extra work can be achieved if things are kept in the right places and cleaner does what she is supposed to do – Cleaning.
Communication  Рit seems very simple, but lack of communication causes many issues and leaves unhappy customers.


Welcome to your local cleaners in Bromley!

Welcome to your local cleaners in Bromley!
Relax, let us take the stress out of your housekeeping.

“Time” is one commodity most busy people lack these days. Whether you are a busy mum or business professional, we all want to relax and rest during the weekend. How many times has your leisure time been overshadowed by endless list of household chores?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Home Star Cleaning Services offer a simple solution to your problems. We guarantee that once you allow us to take care of all those time-consuming domestic chores, you’ll probably wonder how you ever managed without us.

We are based in Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent and provide domestic and commercial cleaning services in Bromley, Orpington, Petts Wood, Chislehurst, Bickley, Beckenham and surrounding areas.