Clean your Mirror without streaks

There are various methods to clean your mirrors without leaving streaks.

1. You can use normal window cleaner and a specific glass cleaning cloth.
2. You can use white wine vinegar in warm water, then wash your mirror with the solution and wipe dry with cotton cloth.
3. Wash your mirror using your hand with warm water and wipe dry with a cotton cloth, then when dry you will be left without streaks.

How to clean venetian blinds – the cheat method…..

Quick and easy way to clean your blinds……

shut your venetian blinds….
clean all of the side facing you with a duster….
clean the side nearest the window with a duster….
reverse your blinds so that they are opened and then closed the opposite way…
clean both sides with a duster….

Alternatively, employ one of our cleaners to do the job properly…

Cleaning Net Curtains

There are various easy ways to clean your net curtains:-

– put in the washing machine on a normal 40C wash, with a powder like Persil Automatic, add some additional white items (like white towel, polo shirt, bath mat) – this bulks out the wash to help with agitation. Spin dry and either put on radiator or hang on washing line. Nets can be put back at windows slightly damp.
– if you don’t want to wash in the washing machine you could soak in a sink of hot water with baking soda, then wash, wring out by hand and hang on line until damp/dry.
– a tip from the 70s is to put your nets in a bath with a sterident tablet, then wash as normal (either by hand or machine), and dry before putting back at windows.