Quick and Hygenic toilet cleaning

When cleaning the toilet bowl I always use a paper towel or toilet paper. It’s much more hygienic to throw some scouring powder down the bowl, rub with paper towel until clean, throw the paper towel away (in the bin never the toilet), flush the toilet and hey presto…a clean toilet.
I never use a toilet brush as I would never re-use a cloth which has been down the loo!


Stainless Steel Sink Cleaning

If your sink needs a light cleaning, start by filling it part way with hot water.
1. Add a squirt or two of liquid dishwashing detergent while the water is running to build a nice soapy froth.
2. Using a kitchen brush made of soft nylon bristles or a pot scrubber, (don’t use a steel wool pad, a Brillo pad, or a scrubber made of copper) scrub the bottom and sides of the sink while the water is sitting in the sink. Don’t fill the sink so full that you can’t move the brush around without spilling water on the floor.
3. Once the sink has been scrubbed, let the water out and rinse.
4. Pour a bit of distilled white vinegar on a paper towel and wipe the sink down to add shine.