Clean your Dishwasher

Most people would not think about cleaning the inside of your dishwasher, but like you washing machine, if you clean it regulary, any debris and deposits do not build up, this will assist in helping prolonging the life of your dishwasher.

To clean your dishwasher:

1. Run the dishwasher or wait until the cycle has finished then empty your dishwasher.
2. Check all the spinning arms are working – ensure any spray holes are not blocked.
3. Wipe around the edges of the door and the gasket.
4. Clean the bottom of the door.
5. Ensure the bottom of your dishwasher has no debris in it and check the grate and remove. Then clear our any debris left in the grate (check with your dishwasher manual to ensure you clean your grates correctly).
6. Remove any hardwater scale or deposits.
7. Refill the rinse aid compartment.
8. Clean the baskets if needed.
9. Clean the front of your dishwasher.
10. You can purchase a dishwasher cleaning from your supermarket and run through a cycle with this inserted correctly into your machine.