Clean your Mirror without streaks

There are various methods to clean your mirrors without leaving streaks.

1. You can use normal window cleaner and a specific glass cleaning cloth.
2. You can use white wine vinegar in warm water, then wash your mirror with the solution and wipe dry with cotton cloth.
3. Wash your mirror using your hand with warm water and wipe dry with a cotton cloth, then when dry you will be left without streaks.

Washing Machine

Every 8-10 washes it is important to clean your washing machine. I was advised to run my machine with a strong detergent powder on the hottest setting for a full length program, so as not to waste water or electricity I include my dish cloth and stained tea towels (or old towels used for dirty work) in this wash and they come out sparkling – so does the inside of my machine.

I have also read that you can use a cupful of white wine vinegar in each wash (with or without fabric softener) and this will not only clean your washing machine but disinfect it as well – so good to do this if you’ve had sickness in the house.

Quick and Hygenic toilet cleaning

When cleaning the toilet bowl I always use a paper towel or toilet paper. It’s much more hygienic to throw some scouring powder down the bowl, rub with paper towel until clean, throw the paper towel away (in the bin never the toilet), flush the toilet and hey presto…a clean toilet.
I never use a toilet brush as I would never re-use a cloth which has been down the loo!

Tidy your wardrobe and make your start in the morning easier

Organizing your wardrobe is the first step to organizing the rest of your home.

1. Get rid of unused clothes and accessories.
2. Organize the rest by how you get dressed in the morning
3. Finally organise by color, will make finding your clothes in the morning far easier.

Your wardrobe will look appealing, and your everyday routine will be easier.